Justin Timberlake & Jay Z charge lots of D to the izz-Os L-L to the izz-As in Detroit

I'll admit, several months ago when Justin Timberlake/Jay Z concert tickets went on sale for a tour that would visit just a handful of cities, including one just an hour from me, the solid marketing hype plan of the two artists had me holding out my credit card and saying "take it all, I don't need to eat or have shelter." So, I jumped at the 9th row ticket that came up on Ticketmaster for the cost of seeing most other artists 5-6 times. But, as the show at Ford Field in Detroit became closer and closer, I started to get SexyBack remorse, and tried to sell my ticket online. But, when a concert is in a football stadium that doesn't sell out, that's not so easy to do. I ended up going to the show anyway, and it was perfectly entertaining. Both artists were just as exciting to see in person as you'd expect. But I couldn't help the nagging feeling in the back of my mind that this show was hugely overpriced (in a city that just declared bankruptcy), and I still couldn't see all that well from a seat that was marketed as 9th row seat but in reality located more Lions bench warmer than end zone.

All in all, both Justin and Jay Z electrified the massive crowd as much as any artist could in such a large venue. And it was completely my choice to pay what I did for the concert. I guess one of Jay Z's 99 problems is charging a thrifty ticket price. Lesson learned.

Check out my photos here as well as a video I took of Justin and Jay Z singing "Forever Young" from Jay Z's The Blueprint 3:

Justin Timberlake featuring Jay-Z Setlist Ford Field, Detroit, MI, USA 2013, Legends of the Summer

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