Cirque du P!nk: Pop star showers Detroit with delayed gratification

In a career spanning 10+ years, P!nk never performed a proper headlining show in the Detroit area until earlier this month. Yet, bringing her "Truth About Love" tour to The Palace of Auburn Hills, P!nk proved that gratification is so often better when it's delayed. Widely acknowledged as the pop tour of the year, P!nk's show combines powerful (and never lip synced) vocals, sassy anthems, and graceful acrobatics that could be straight out of Cirque du Soleil.

P!nk's body and voice soared to every corner of the basketball arena over the course of a two-hour set that encompassed more than a decade of hits. She ended the evening with an astonishing performance of "Glitter in the Air," leaving a portion of the crowd drenched in a mix of venue water and her own sweat. But, I'm guessing not one of them minded.

Please see the rest of my photos here.

P!nk Setlist The Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI, USA 2013, The Truth About Love Tour

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