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Madonna in Detroit: Three times a Lady (Gaga)

I've gotta admit, seeing Madonna live has been a lifelong dream of mine. So, when I heard she'd be coming back to Detroit last month and, even better, was playing Joe Louis Arena versus the overall downer that is The Palace of Auburn Hills, I knew I had to find a way to get a decent seat. Turns out, my view was perfect, as was Lady Madge.

Hearing the songs of my childhood gave me chills from first notes (particularly "Vogue"), and there was definitely magic in the air of the hometown she seldom performs in these days. The production of the show was spectacular as well and proved that the 50+ legend still has what made her a star. Madonna hinted that other artists (like Lady Gaga) may try to copy her (even integrating a bit of "Born This Way" into her performance of "Express Yourself" implying that one lady's attempt at flattery through imitation is another's idea of plagiarism).

Let's just say I'm still striking a pose over a month later.

All my photos are here, and a couple videos are below. Enjoy!

Madonna Setlist Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI, USA 2012, The MDNA Tour

I've got a fever. And the only prescription is more...

... Bieber.

So, anyway, I've been really terrible about updating on my last two concerts. On November 2, I took my dear cousin, Bridget (14) to see Justin Bieber live in Louisville. It was Bridget's first concert ever, and the Biebs did not disapoint. He brought his trademark angel-faced yum to the mass of preteen girls at the KFC Yum Center, inspiring his fans to invent a new decibel level that started even before he took the stage (flying in on massive angel wings, no less) and lasting well into the evening until the show ended at a ripe 9:50 p.m.

Guys, I don't like to make premature assumptions, but I think this kid is going places.

Carly Rae Jepsen was the opening act, and I hope she enjoys everyone who calls her (maybe) during her 14th minute, because I'm not sure we'll remember her much in a couple years.

Check out the rest of my photos here, and a couple videos below.