Kelly Clarkson: 10 Years Strong(er)

Kelly Clarkson brought her Stronger Tour to the general Midwest region last weekend, and I was lucky enough to catch two shows, one in Windsor, Ontario (just across the river from Detroit) and the other in Hammond, Indiana (just across the lake from Chicago). They were the second and third shows I'd seen on the Stronger Tour, respectively, but KC makes every time feel like the first.

Which reminds me - Kelly has toured the U.S. more than ten times over the course of her career, but the Stronger Tour is truly special. Not only is it a celebration of her newest album, Stronger, but (perhaps even moreso) it is a celebration of a ten-year career full of illustrious achievements in a pop world that's seen the comings and goings of dozens of similarly striving female singers in the same period (Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Stacie Orrico, Ashanti, Christina Milian, Hilary Duff, Nelly Furtado, Leona Lewis, JoJo, Willa Ford, Ciara and more). While Kelly has climbed her share of mountains (and seen oh so many valleys), she's peresevered. She has, conservatively estimated, 15 hit singles that have topped the pop, adult contemporary, dance and country charts. Idol (the House that Kelly Built) may have brought her into public consciousness, but it's Kelly's drive, talent, and outstanding ability to captivate an audience that has kept her afloat in an unbelievably fickle industry.

Which is why, as long as Kelly Clarkson is producing music and going on tour, I will be there.

Check out my photos from the two shows here and here as well as a few videos I shot below.

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