The tracks of (no more) tears: Kelly Clarkson releases "Stronger" tracklisting

Kelly's fifth album, "Stronger," is set to come out Monday, October 24
  1. Mr. Know It All
  2. What Doesn't Kill You
  3. Dark Side
  4. Honestly
  5. You Love Me
  6. Einstein
  7. Standing In Front Of You
  8. I Forgive You
  9. Hello
  10. The War Is Over
  11. Let Me Down
  12. You Can't Win
  13. Breaking Your Own Heart
  14. Don't You Wanna Stay (w/ Jason Aldean)
  15. Alone
  16. Don't Be A Girl About it
  17. The Sun Will Rise

Bonus EP:
  1. Hello (Smoakstack Session)
  2. The War Is Over (Smoakstack Session)
  3. You Love Me (Smoakstack Session)
  4. The Sun Will Rise (Smoakstack Session)
  5. If I Can't Have You (Smoakstack Session)
  6. I Can't Make You Love Me (Smoakstack Session)

Grace & her Nocturnals slick in Detroit

Grace Potter & the Nocturnals performed at Detroit's St. Andrew's Hall this week, giving Motown one part sugar and two parts killer rock show. If you haven't heard of this group, you're completely lame-dip ("sauce" is too mainstream for the musical pretentiousness I was going for). But, I'll cut you some slack and catch you up on the awesomeness of the soulful rock group and it's fearless lead singer, Grace Potter. (You can also click the fancy link at the beginning of this paragraph to peruse the band's website and - hint - buy some of their music.)

Musically, Grace is a 3008 mixture of Nancy Wilson, Stevie Nicks, Robert Plant and Jesus. She has the kind of voice you crave on vinyl. And the chemistry of the band (including Grace on organ and tambourine, Matt Burr on drums, Cat Popper on bass and Scott Tournet and Benny Yurco on guitar) is clearly magical. Grace may have lead billing, but the Nocturnals ain't no Kelly Rowlands.

Check out the Detroit setlist below and the rest of my photos by clicking here.