Miss Independent to release "Mr. Know It All" on August 30

Finally. It's time.
So this morning one of the labels came in and played us the brand new track from Kelly Clarkson. I heard the leak a few months ago, and let me tell you this is not it! The track is called "Mr. Know It All" and it is AMAZING! Kelly still has the huge powerful voice, but does some new things with it and incorporates some great drum beats and tempo.

In my opinion the background has a "Just the Way You Are" sound and I instantly compared the vocal to Pink, with how raspy Kelly tries to go with it.

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to keep the copy, but got to listen to it twice. The single officially drops on August 30th, but as soon as I can put it up here I will and I am sure you will be hearing it on MyFM!
we can tell you more about Kelly Clarkson's single - it's called Mr Know It All & it will be out Aug 31*! Can't wait for you to hear it :)

*Note that the second source is based in Australia, which explains the difference in date from the first site

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