Kelly Clarkson and friends are "Already Famous"

Late last year, I posted about JillandKate (Jill Pickering and Kate Rapier), a duo that writes and performs its own songs as well as tours as background singers for Kelly Clarkson. Now, it seems, two artists have partnered with Kelly on a side project, creating the three-person band, Already Famous.

Very little information has been released at this point, but here's what we know so far:
  • The group members include Kelly Clarkson, Jill Pickering, and Kate Rapier
  • Three-part harmonies will be key
  • Recording has begun in an Oklahoma studio, and other contributors include Aben Eubanks, Chad Copelin, and Jarod Evans.

Click here for an eight-second audio sneak peak. What do you think? Excited?

Sugar High: Sugarland and Sara Bareilles perform in Detroit

Country-pop duo, Sugarland, performed in the Detroit area last night as part of their national Incredible Machine Tour. In addition to a quirky and unique brand of country music, Sugarland is known for its semi-surprising, yet ultimately fitting opening acts; this summer they have one of my absolute faves, Sara Bareilles, to warm up the crowd each night.