At Ease in the Presence of Amos Lee

It's a magical thing when Amos Lee comes to town. A lock for a sellout any night of the week, Amos consistently and generously shares the music that flows through him so effortlessly. There are few musicians with a gift as rich as his, and the stars aligned once again last night when he brought his soulful charm back to Ann Arbor.

For this show, Amos performed with a full, eight-piece band. It was his second appearance at The Ark in the past year (he played in 2010 with a three-man band), and it's clear he's taken a liking to the intimate venue as well as its devoted fans. He did, however, note a desire to accommodate more fans on his next trip to Ann Arbor (The Ark seats approximately 400-500 people) and a hope of playing the much larger Michigan Theater, which, he joked, had opted for a Charlie Chaplin film festival last night instead of him.

Check out all my pictures from the night here along with last night's setlist (as I remember it) below.


  1. You're so lucky So Abby!! Last time I saw video of Amos he was a skinny fella. Your pictures show a nice great big muscular guy. umm ummmm!♥

  2. ohh..and he sings good too.♥