Believing in Gad

Kelly Clarkson's fifth studio album has been an elusive little thing, hasn't it? Well, after months of complete silence mixed with typical record label drama (Barry Weiss, Sony Music CEO, announced last year that he would be stepping down this April, causing many artists on the label to have their music put in flux), it seems the wheels are finally moving once again.

This week, Kelly has posted a few Facebook and Twitter updates and pictures related to her work with Toby Gad, a successful producer and songwriter known for songs like "If I Were A Boy" (Beyonce), "Big Girls Don't Cry" (Fergie), and "Untouched" (The Veronicas).

Kelly posted:

"I'm finishing up the last few songs for my album this week which means it shouldn't be too much longer .....finally! I will promise you though it's gonna be worth the wait! I've worked with a lot of great people and I can't wait to tour this album ....hell, I can't wait to tour period!"


"Finishing up with Toby Gad in the studio today, woohoo!"


"Finished up with Toby today! He's awesome and sweet!"


"Toby and I cut 2 songs for this record. Hope y'all like them!"


She also posted the following photos:

On his own personal Twitter, Toby posted about the meeting as well:

"here with @

 So, if all goes well, we should expect to have new KC music soon. Right?