Ann Arbor Fairy Tale

As most Midwesterners know, Ann Arbor is a magical place (even especially if you're aren't a football fan). One of the coolest, little-known elements of the city is that it features a number of "fairy doors" scattered throughout the area. Each one is designed and located differently. And, if you look closely, many have special surprises located inside.

Today, my friend, Keri, and I finally got the chance to see a bunch of the fairy doors, thanks to the help of a wonderful website, Check out that site to find out more about the history and mythology of the fairy doors as well as where you can find them.

Here are the seven fairy doors we saw today (click photos to enlarge):

Ann Arbor District Library

Fairy "windows" at the Ann Arbor District Library

Silo/Shevel Gallery
The Ark
The Peaceable Kingdom
Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea
Red Shoes (exterior of building)
Red Shoes (interior of building)
Nicola's Books
Also, here is a picture of a poster for sale that features many more fairy doors in the Ann Arbor area (click the picture to enlarge it). My favorite is the one at the Google offices (note that it says "Giggle" in the same design as the Google logo), but I believe that one is only accessible with permission.

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