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Earlier this week, I shared my interview with Crystal Bowersox, as published in Toledo Business Journal's January 1 issue. Below are a few additional questions I asked Crystal, which weren't included in the printed edition.

Crystal visited Fifth Third Field in Toledo last June during her American Idol Hometown Visit

Toledo Business Journal: Are there any other artists that you hope to work and/or collaborate with that you maybe didn’t have a chance to this time around?

Crystal Bowersox: Oh yeah, definitely. I had a few different co-writing sessions, and we had good starts, but it’s such a rushed process coming off of Idol and trying to get an album out in a certain amount of time. I didn’t want to rush anything with these artists. And hopefully for another album, I can work with them again.

Linda Perry was one that we barely missed, and I’d love to have a meeting with her again. And Michael Franti. We did get to meet, but we hadn’t had time to work on songs or anything. And there’s always Melissa Etheridge, too. There’s always opportunity for co-writes in the future, and I look forward to it.

TBJ: You are active in social media, through Twitter and Facebook. Has that been an important aspect of your career so far and in your interaction with fans?

CB: As far as social media goes, Twitter is the only thing that I really am in complete control of. I have a Facebook page, but I don’t get on there and get to spend time on the website or anything. With Twitter, I definitely read everyone’s tweets. So, if you really want to talk to me, people should get on my Twitter account.

The Facebook page and website are great, and I’ve been known to check into the forums and read posts and respond to threads. I like to stay pretty active. I think it’s important to stay connected to your fans and I actually try to encourage a lot of people to be happy and do well. You have to know who’s buying your music. Who’s buying your music, it’s very important to know them.

TBJ: Does your son, Tony, have a favorite song on our album?

CB: No, I don’t listen to it too much, and he likes Thomas the Tank Engine. If that’s not on, that’s not happy.

TBJ: Have you heard about the Grammy nominations that were announced recently? I know one of your favorite artists is Ray Lamontagne, and he’s up for Song of the Year for "Beg, Steal or Borrow."

CB: Oh yeah, he should get all the Grammys. It doesn’t even matter if anybody else is nominated, it should go to Ray. That’s awesome, I love that. That makes me really happy.

TBJ: He beat out Lady Gaga for that nomination.

CB: That’s amazing and heartwarming. That’s a song that you wouldn’t think, as far as top radio play goes, but it’s a gorgeous song. The lyrics of that song are pretty prolific.

TBJ: Are there any final thoughts you'd like to leave with us?

CB: Tell Toledo I love them, I’ll be home soon.

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