10 Twitter Tips for Musicians and Bands

SoundCitizen.com posted some really simple Twitter tips for bands or musicians to create and strengthen relationships with fans. Check it out:

One of the great things about Twitter is that it gives the feeling of being connected with hundreds, even thousands of people without ever actually meeting them. And if there’s one thing any fan wants, it’s to feel connected to their favorite bands. And as a band, you want your fans to feel close to you, but you clearly can’t meet them all.If you don’t yet know about Twitter, at the bottom of this post is a short video showing how to get started and use it. It’s very easy to set up, and once you’re up and running, you can make updates (or ‘tweets’) in seconds. Suddenly you’re instantly connected with your fan base and you’ll find that they will go a long way in getting the word out about anything you want. You can even make quick updates from your phone via text message – perfect for when you’re touring.
Without further ado, and in no particular order are 10 tips to help you use Twitter, promote your band, and connect with fans like never before.
  1. Tweet a Song. When someone is following you on Twitter, they see your updates. So, if you tweet a link to a new song (or a live performance of a fan favorite) you might find that one of your followers “retweets” the post to their followers, who are not following you, and therefore did not see your tweet. Now those followers, who might not have known about your band, can hear your song. You might just make some new fans.
  2. Be Active. Your fans want to know what you’re up to – that’s why they’re fans. Update regularly – even if it’s just once a week or so. It goes a long way to making your fans feel connected. Not many bands are terribly active on Twitter, so it’s an excellent opportunity to dominate the space.
  3. Follow Fans Right Back. The only other thing more annoying than following a band that doesn’t update is seeing a band with 10,000 followers but only follow 3 people back. Go ahead and follow your fans, you have nothing to lose. What’s more, they will brag to their friends that their favorite band is following them, prompting even more followers.
  4. Get Personal. Don’t be afraid to add a little personality. Usually when I see tweets that say something like “I’m eating a cheeseburger, and it’s good,” I consider it a waste of my screen space. But something like that from a band (or any celebrity for that matter) takes on a different meaning. It humanizes the experience and gives some personal insight into a normally distant relationship between band and fan. Twitter is an excellent way to make people feel like they know you – take advantage of it.
  5. Update About Recent Performances. Your fans want to know about a show you just did. It’s not only a great way to stay in touch, but also to let followers know how much you enjoyed the crowd and their city. You know how when you mention a city’s name during a performance and everyone goes nuts? Same thing applies with Twitter.
  6. Announce Upcoming Tour Dates and Appearances. Recently announced tour dates have a way of spreading through Twitter (and consequently all over the Web) and give followers and fans a sense of urgency. Will you be featured on TV or radio soon? Tell ‘em.
  7. Give Away Some Tickets. Want to make friends fast? Consider giving away a pair of tickets to your followers. Start by announcing that you plan on giving away tickets soon. You’ll see a deluge of new followers. Then follow through by selecting a random follower(s) to receive free tickets to an upcoming show. Make sure to make a post after the fact, telling the rest of your followers that a winner was chosen and call out the winner with an “@” link, like this: Thanks everyone for the great response to our ticket giveaway! @TheMikePhillips is the winner!
  8. Give Away a Free Download. In the same way as giving away tickets, give followers a free song download every now and then. When a fan sees that you occasionally give away a free tune, they will tell their friends and you’ll end up with a quickly growing list of follwers.
  9. Run A Poll. Let’s say you have an upcoming gig in Chicago. Send out a tweet polling your followers, asking which song they would like to hear at your next concert. Take the one with the highest votes and jam it during the gig. Do this and you will get instant credibility with your fans. You’ll also get some media attention, guaranteed. PollDaddy has an excellent tool for polling Twitter users.
  10. Be Real. In the end, we’re talking about music – a very personal experience for everyone. Treat your followers like you would treat a friend, or a fan you just met in your local pub. Twitter lets you share your life and experiences with many, many people, all at once and from a “safe” distance. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it can make a big difference in how fans connect with you and your band.

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